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does Thread Zone have any lore?


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hmm idk if it has any interesting lore

heres some site history / random trivia instead

originally you had a separate account for each zone and there wasn’t a real home page
it looked like this: https://web.archive.org/web/20160905222731/http://thread.zone/
and although it said “warning: i will delete everything a few times” i never actually deleted anything heh. probably should purge some of the unused abandoned zones

you used to be able to pick a short ID in addition to your display name, but people found this confusing (“why do i have to pick 2 usernames??”) so i got rid of that and auto-generate them instead
i prefixed the auto-generated ones with ~ so they wouldn’t collide with the old ones
for example: https://bad.thread.zone/profile/tiko (ID is ‘tiko’ instead of ~1)

most of the site’s stylesheet is directly copy/pasted from ETI’s, with mobile support hacked on

if you hover over the “pages” link it tells you how many users have posted in the thread. when the site was first released, there weren’t pages at all

only 2 users have ever been banned from the whole site

if you try to sign up with emails that are probably spam, the site hangs forever instead of returning an error, possibly fucking with the spammers by wasting their resources

the posts database is about 250MB

bird on skateboard

irl harassment/doxing kind of nasty stuff

bird on skateboard

if you’ve been around for a while it’s easy to guess one
i don’t want to bring more attention to them

bird on skateboard

its nothing that fancy i just look at domains that have spammed me before
also it takes a tiny bit of resources until they time out and give up, but the idea is they think the site is broken and stop trying lolz. or at the very least it wastes their resources too

bird on skateboard
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